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Kisholoy Engineering

Kisholoy Engineering (KE), is a wholly owned heavy construction unit of the renowned industrial and trading house of Habib and concern as well as uniquely serving the needs of the heavy construction industry in a world of rapidly changing technology. The name KE is the culmination of long process of organizational development that started in the 60’s. Initially it started as a specialized engineering and management unit within the Habib Assets Limited. Finally as the work load increased to a level beyond the capacity of a small team, KE was created as an independent Company in 2000 to assist Habib Assets Limited for Heavy equipment rental and supply, construction and logistic support by experienced team of engineers and key management people, formed the core of the Company.

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Financial Stability

Backed by the accumulated experience KE has established a systematic comprehensive engineering superiority to execute any kind of construction projects and respond to the challenges facing it.

Financially stable as the subsidiary of Habib Assets Limited, KE has access to the expertise and facilities of its parent and to those of other subsidiaries to undertake complete programmed, planning, implementation and completion of construction projects of any magnitude.

Technological Player

KE has been a technological player and prominent construction company in Bangladesh for years. Today sustained by the support of Habib Assets Limited and its own capabilities KE continues to make great advances in the development of nation building tasks. Their accomplishments and capabilities which lend particular strength and satisfaction reflected by the clients.

Training Programs For Staffs

At present KE has increased a good number of staff including technical & management professionals for its field and head office.

In order to keep ahead of its competitors and to maintain high professional management quality and technical skill, KE provides management and development training programs throughout the year.

These training programs are conducted through Habib Assets Limited’s own training center which is fully equipped with modern training facilities and qualified training staff both local and expatriates. Key professionals are also sent abroad for training not available at home.



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